Motorhome Parking Ireland

Motorhome Parking Ireland has over a thousand Points of Interest for motorhomers and campervanners in Ireland.
POIs include Aires de Service, free overnight parking spots, bars and restaurants that welcome motorhomes, as well as campsites. Most POIs have information and many have user reviews so you can see what other users’ experiences have been before you head off. Once you select a POI you can then call your favourite navigation app to help get you there.

We are not fans of the terms, Wildcamping, Wildcamping in Ireland, Irish Wildcamping, as we think it sets the wrong impression to the public and we think it is more suited to someone in a tent half way up a mountain. So we have gone for Motorhome Parking Ireland.

Over 1000 POIs
Information on POIs
Navigate directly from the app
Add new POIs
Add Reviews of POIs
Regularly updated with new information daily

Free version provides information on Aires de Service & Campsites, plus all other features. A yearly subscription will give you access to over 1000 POIs.