New app!

The story so far:

Our new update has taken a while. This is because it is a complete rewrite of the app from scratch.
The main reason to rewrite the app was to align our Android and iOS versions and make future updates more streamlined and to ensure that the Android and iOS versions are always in step with each other.

This approach means that we can bring new features to all users more quickly. Some of the new features that the current version has in place are:

– No more need to email New Reviews and New Places. Now you just press a Submit button and you are done.
– New Search facility. Just type in some of the name of the place you are looking for and you can find it in an instant. Click on the result brings you directly to the place on the map.
– New Subscription options. We have added 1 month, 3 month and 12 month non-renewing subscriptions.
– Now, the Map is the main screen and everything you do is saved for when you next use the app. No more preferences in menus

In addition to the app update we have also made improvements to our backend software that drives the app. This will continue to evolve and will itself make new feature inclusion more streamlined. This will also enable us to add more categories of places more easily and move those categories to Free or Premium without needing to update the app.

Some of our planed features in upcoming releases are:
– Favourites. Add place you like to a favourites layer and select that just like any other category.
– The ability to suggest edits to descriptions and also specific data about places, how many berths, is there EHU, is there a cost .. etc
– Adding photos to Places
– Liking & Replying to Reviews