Motorhome Parking Area Ireland

We have never liked the term Wild Camping, instead we use “Motorhome Parking”, it [wild camping] gives the wrong impression to non Motorhome owners. But we have never liked using the term “Aire” in Ireland either.

It confuses new Motorhome Owners, after all it’s French and only means “area” – Aire de Service doesn’t really help either. Area with services, eh? you what?

Of course those that have been Motorhoming for a while know these for what they are, it’s second nature.

There is some great content HERE on Aire’s, also a guide on how most should be used.

So with all that said, we [MPI] have decided on a future app update coming soon to rename Aires to a more sensible name for easier understanding. Motorhome Parking Area & Motorhome Services Area – simple eh?