Paul Malone – MPI app developer.

It is just over a month ago now we lost a friend and our app developer, Paul Malone, after a very short illness, it is still very hard to take in that he is no longer with us. All our thoughts are with Siobhan and Faye and the rest of the wider family & friends.

I (Ally Onion) met Paul Malone through Motorhomecraic, we got talking at the Spirit of Folk festival, IIRC 2015, about an app, I already had the Motorhomecraic Parking map since 2011 and it was getting bigger all the time, but to make it easier for all the users an app was required. Paul was an app developer amongst other things and we done a deal there and then.

The app was first released in 2016 and has been very very successful. We had our up’s and downs with other people copying all our hard work (places on the app) but it seems there will always be those types of people and they are not creating anything as good as Paul could make to make the map so easily used on mobile devices.

So where does that leave us now?

We are trying to keep the app maintained but it has proven difficult, more so because of Apple and their very very slow procedure with their legal team in handing Paul’s account over to Siobhan, Google were very quick.

Those that have the iOS version of the app can continue to use it but cannot upgrade, so I have made all the places free so there is no need to upgrade on Apple or Google. Unfortunately the app is temporarily gone from the Apple App store until the legal side of things get sorted. We hope that is only a matter of a few days now.

All your reviews on places continue to be added to the app.

Please bear with us and stick with us, and lets keep Paul’s legacy alive.