App Guides

Changing your phone

If you have changed your phone / got a new phone from apple to apple or Android to Android then you do not need to pay for the app again as long as you sign in with the same account.

So on Android you sign in with the same google account as the previous phone.

If you change from Android to iOS(Apple) or vice versa, you will need to buy the app again. apple and Google handle the payments we don’t. There is no way around this, you will need to buy the app again as you have changed to a completely different build of the app. Don’t forget to first cancel the subscription on the previous device.

Poor data Connection

Our App works offline, all you need to do is load and update it when you have a connection. If you have a poor data connection and the app map is very slow to load. Switch to Aeroplane mode and the app will think you are offline and ignore updates and start immediately.

Cancel, Change or View your subscription

We are currently changing the App so that there are different payment methods, but in the meantime if you wish to change or cancel a subscription:

Android Click HERE

iOS Click HERE

We are of course, sorry to see you go, and would appreciate your feedback on why you are cancelling.

Sending a review with iOS

Some users have problems sending a review with iOS, you need to assign a mail account to handle the email for the App. The following is what you do: Go to: Settings – Accounts and passwords – Tap the account you want the email to come from – Make sure the “mail” slider is on.